Apache / PHP Server Upgrades on Sunday September 23rd at 12 AM CDT

Greetings,We will be implementing the Apache / PHP upgrades in our announcement on our shared servers starting at 10PM on Saturday, September 22nd. We will be convering the servers over to EasyApache 4 which is a packaged based system vs. the current EasyApache 3 system which compiles everything from source. This will make it easier to implement ... Read More »

19th Sept 2018
cp4.netwisp.com hardware upgrades on Saturday, September 22nd at 12:30 AM

Greetings,We will now be performing upgrades to our shared server cp4.netwisp.com starting at 12:30AM on Saturday, September 22nd at 12:30 AM.  We will be upgrading the processors with double the cores that are also over 30% faster which will help decrease your websites' PHP page load times. Given we will be swapping the drives into a new server ... Read More »

15th Sept 2018